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Butterfly Pea

(Clitoria ternatea)


Butterfly Pea (Clitoria ternatea) or sometimes known as Milgarra or Blue pea is a perennial twining legume with strong root stock that is primarily utilised within grazing pastures for increased feeding values. Butterfly pea will persist in various soil conditions, however it prefers heavy clay alkaline soils with rainfall from 700-1500mm producing best results.

While Butterfly pea is a great addition to any pasture, increasing forage and soil fertility, it can be for hay production and produce high quality hay, howver needs to be cut prior to producing seed pods. Butterfly pea is compatible to various species of grass such as Jarra, Strickland, Panics, Buffel and Bluegrasses.

Butterfly pea will respond well to fertiliser especially Phosphates and Sulphur, however with its preference to high quality soils it rarely requires additional fertiliser.


  • Easy establishment improving soil fertility.

  • Tolerant of dry seasons.

  • Wide pH range 5-9, prefers pH7.5.

  • Very palatable with high protein content.

  • Limited winter growth.

  • Susceptible to heavy grazing.

  • Sowing rate 8-12kg green manure crop, 6-8kg in seed mixes.

Please feel free to contact me with any further information required.

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