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Cavalcade and Bundy Centro

(Centrosems pascourum)


Cavalcade and Bundy Centro (Centrosems pascourum) are annual prostrate legumes with a great tolerance to variety of soils.  The centros prefer higher fertilizer rates to many other legumes, however, both cultivars will persist in harsh conditions, preferring rainfall from 450mm through to 1500mm.

While Cavalcade Centro is slightly earlier than Bundy Centro, both have the potential to produce high yields. Additionally, both cultivars can be utilised for hay production as well as improved pastures with grasses such as Jarra, Strickland, Seterias and Rhodes Grass species, and will respond well to fertilisers such as Superphosphate and Sulphur. Other elements such as potassium, moly and zinc may be needed on poorer soils. May be susceptible to insect pressure with seed pods being favoured by sucking insects.


  • Adapted to dryer tropic environment.

  • Tolerant of waterlogging.

  • Highly palatable.

  • High quality hay.

  • High seed production.

  • Non-tolerant of infertile soils.

  • Sowing rate 10-15kg as hay crop, 6-8kg in seed mixes.

Please feel free to contact me with any further information required.

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