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Sabi Grass

(Urochloa mosambicensis)


Sabi Grass (Urochloa mosambicensis) is a tropical grass that has excellent recover ratios from drought and fire periods.

With its stoloniferous growth it is a good choice for increasing pasture carrying capacity and is suited to most well drained soils across country with 500-1200mm rainfall.

Sabi is a strong summer growing stoloniferous grass, suited to well drained soils. Best utilised in a seed mix into improved pastures. It is well adapted to sand, loam and lighter clay soils where it will respond very well to small volumes of Phosphorus and Nitrogen fertiliser.

While competitive against other grasses, Sabi will grow well amongst summer legumes such as Stylo, Desmanthus and Clitoria species.


  • Early Spring response.

  • Excellent drought tolerance.

  • Adapted to wide range of soils.

  • Tolerant to heavy grazing.

  • Does not like heavy clays.

  • Sensitive to frost.

  • Seed can have high dormancy.

  • Sowing rate – 8-10kg of quality coated seed.

Please feel free to contact me with any further information required.

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