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Seed Production & Consultancy Services

With almost 30 years of seed production across various seed crops, I have a passion for all things seed including seed production, seed processing, seed health and seed maintenance. I am willing to share this expertise with those companies that are keen to utilise me to further develop and source seed production areas, co-operators, growers, and farmers as well as any seed industry related services which may include research plantings and or multiplication of smaller seed crops and specialised seed crops.

These are not limited to Australia but can also include international regions specifically Southern Africa.

I am prepared to assist in counter season projects utilising Southern Africa for counter season opportunities, with Northern Hemisphere companies that are not familiar with the seed industry conditions, culture and language barriers that regions of Southern Africa agriculture offer.

Services offered:

  • Foundation & Pre-foundation Seeds productions.

  • Seed productions.

  • Counter season trials – Southern Africa.

  • Counter season Production – Southern Africa.

  • Company representation – International Visits.

  • Product development – Seed industry.

Feel free to contact me to further discuss areas of opportunity that you may be seeking to develop your new varieties and or seed industry products.

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