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NT Supreme
(Bracheria Hybrid)


NT Supreme (Bracheria Hybrid) is an aggressive tropical hybrid grass that can have up to 8 months of growth.

NT Supreme can tolerate some flooding and short periods of waterlogging.

It can be heavily grazed and produces high volumes of hay and dry matter.

NT Supreme will respond well to nitrogen, superphosphate and phosphorus when applied at generous rates according to soil types.

NT Supreme will produce vast volumes of dry matter and whilst not an excellent hay producer it will increase the carrying capacity of paddocks, when tropical legumes are added to the sowing it increases the productivity to excessive volumes of quality feed and dry matter.


  • Aggressive and prolific productivity.

  • Highly Adaptive to various soils, PH 4.2-7.8

  • Tolerant of waterlogging.

  • Supports high stocking rates.

  • Excels with Tropical legumes – Blue pea, Guianesis Stylo and Macroptiliums.

  • Well suited for rainfall in excess of 1500mm.

  • Has potential to deliver 12-30 dry matter/ha.

  • Sowing rate 8-10kg of quality coated seed.

Please feel free to contact me with any further information required.

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