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Verano Stylo

(Stylosanthes hamata)


Verano Stylo (Stylosanthes hamata), also know as Amiga and or Caribbean Stylo, is a summer legume adapted a range of soil types, including low fertility soils and pH scale from acidic to alkaline. Verano is not however suitable for heavier clay or water-logged soils.  

When used in a mix it will flourish in rainfall areas of 550-1500mm, however will succumb to frost early on in winter.

Verano will respond well to fertiliser applications of superphosphate improving both plant and animal performance. Verano is also compatible to various other grass species such as Bluegrasses and Sabi.


  • Suited to low fertility soils.

  • Rapid establishment and early growth.

  • Can tolerate acidic soils.

  • Good option for native pastures and sown into improved pastures.

  • Tolerant of heavy grazing.

  • Intolerant of water logging.

  • Sensitive to frost.

  • Sowing rate 6-8kg of quality coated seed.

Please feel free to contact me with any further information required.

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