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Humidicola grass (Brachiaria Humidicola)


Humidicola grass (Brachiaria humidicola) is a strong creeping Tropical grass that will tolerate water logging whilst producing high volumes of feed on a variety of soils, including sandy soils to heavy clays. It is well suited for rainfall regions upwards of 1000-1500mm/year.

Humidicola is truly a strong, creeping, and vigorous Tropical grass capable of setting aggressive roots, forming a dense sward and able to thrive in waterlogged soils for a few months. Humidicola will respond well to nitrogen, superphosphate and phosphorus when applied at generous rates according to soil types.

Humidicola – while primarily grown for grazing in waterlogged pastures, it has been grown for hay production due to its large volumes of DM produced.


  • Vigorous and Productive.

  • Tolerant of heavy grazing.

  • Tolerant of Water logging.

  • Competitive to weeds.

  • Competes with Legumes.

  • Can have dormancy in seed.

  • Sowing rate – 8-10kg of quality coated seed.

Please feel free to contact me with any further information required.

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