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Jarra grass

(Digitaria milanjiana)


Jarra Grass (Digitaria milanjiana) is a true tropical vigorous grass that is utilised for Northern hay and beef production. It is well suited to high rainfall regions 600-1500mm/year, with well-drained soil producing high quality soft pastures.

Jarra can be utilised for hay productions, with planting widows best used before or at the likelihood of follow up rainfall events. Jarra Grass will respond well to fertilizer including Nitrogen and Phosphorus. Application of Potassium, Moly, Zinc and other elements may need to be applied depending on soil conditions.

Jarra grass is at its best sown as a single crop and has the ability to flourish when complimented with legumes such as Cavalcade, Butterfly pea, Cow pea and some Stylos.


  • True Tropical, stoloniferous perennial grass.

  • Vigorous, productive and palatable.

  • Drought hardy and responds well to post drought periods.

  • Sensitive to frost

  • Intolerant to poor drainage.

  • Sowing rate – 6-8kg of quality coated seed.

Please feel free to contact me with any further information required.

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